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Experian's SupplierCheckReports.com offers you an easy and economical way to obtain instant supplier evaluation reports online. These reports help you make insightful risk decisions about prospective business suppliers.

SupplierCheckReports.com provides access to business information on more than 27 million businesses in the United States securely within seconds. The available options provide varying levels of detail in an easy-to-read format. Below is a comparison of the available data in our reports options.

Supplier Evaluation Plus
Supplier Evaluation
Supplier Verify
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Fictitious Business Name Included Included Included
Key Facts Included Included Included
Industry Classification Included Included Included
Corporate Registration Included Included Included
Family Linkage Included Included
Credit Summary Included Included Included
Banking, Insurance, Leasing Included Included Included
Payment Summary Included Included Included
Collections Summary Included Included Included
Judgments Included Included
Tax Liens Included Included
Bankruptcies Included Included
Supplier Evaluation Rating Included Included
Collections Detail Included Included
Payment Detail Included
Corporate Financial Information Included
UCC Detail Included
Industry Benchmark Report Add-on Included (optional)
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Note: Elements in actual reports and samples may not include all of the elements displayed above.

(1) A Supplier Verify report is only available if the Supplier Evaluation and the Supplier Evaluation Plus reports are not available.

Learn More About Our Products

Supplier Evaluation Plus Report
This is Experian's premium supplier business report and includes our most detailed listing of a company's registration information, trade and payment trends, days beyond terms, and full Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing information - including liens and judgments. This report is designed to help you fully understand your supplier. This report includes our proprietary Experian Supplier Evaluation Rating (1-5) to help you determine the health and risk of the company. This report also includes a separate tab for valuable industry benchmark information, such as financial statements and ratios.

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Supplier Evaluation Report
This is Experian's standard business supplier report. This full-length report includes summary information on business registration, collections, payments, and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing items. This report also includes our proprietary Experian Supplier Evaluation Rating (1-5) to help you quickly determine the health and risk of the company you are researching.

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This report is also available with an Industry Benchmark Report Add-on for most businesses, for an additional charge.

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Supplier Verify Report
This is Experian's snapshot view of a business. This brief summary report provides any available information on a business's registration information - even for businesses that have not yet established an Experian Supplier Evaluation Rating.

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Coming Soon: Supplier Monitor
Get our most detailed reports on multiple companies for an entire year with our Supplier Monitor. Receive access to our continually updated business credit reports, receive email notifications on derogatory findings, and more.

About the Industry Benchmark Report

Experian's SupplierCheckReports.com has teamed up with Oxxford Information Technology and PrimeIndustryReports.com to offer you a combined report with industry comparative information.

Oxxford Information Technology is a leader in collecting and providing industry data for over 25 years. Oxxford collects this data from the US IRS and other government agencies on filings from public and private companies. The data are then compiled into specific industry reports by region. Oxxford provides this information to banking and other institutions, as well as provides it to the general business public through its PrimeIndustryReports.com website.

With this Industry Benchmark Report you can compare business financials (Income Statements, Balance Sheets, etc.) with other similar companies operating in the same state. This report will be available for 7 days following your initial purchase of a Supplier Evaluation Plus Report or Supplier Evaluation with Industry report. (Note: This Industry Benchmark Report is available for most of the businesses in Experian's database.)

See our Industry Report component to learn more.

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